Learn Smart

Whether you’re working at our headquarters or out in the field selling our products, we provide excellent training to help you succeed in your new role and welcome you into the Verisure family.

Verisure Training

Training focuses on our four core values:

1.Great Customer Service

Our mission is to give our customers excellent service, keeping them safe and secure at all times.


Giving all customers the peace of mind they need is one of our top priorities.


The quality of service we offer is made possible through the efforts of many professionals working at top speed.


We’re at the cutting edge of technology, providing the most sophisticated and comprehensive service on the market.

Operations Training

Our Induction Programme helps you understand the systems and procedures we use, but most importantly, it gives us the chance to introduce you to the team and help you settle into your new environment.

Throughout your training you will have quizzes and short tests which allow your trainer to understand the level that you’re at, so we can tailor the programme to your needs.

Week 1

We aim to help you understand your new role and what is expected of you. We will introduce you to our HR policies and give you an overview of Verisure’s history, as well as our vision for the future. You will also meet your line manager and colleagues so you’ll have some friendly faces to welcome you.

This week will be spent mostly in the classroom, where you’ll have in-depth sessions led by our experienced trainers. You’ll learn all about Verisure’s state-of-the-art alarm system, and be taught how to use our platforms, handle alarms, and deal with customer queries.

Week 2

Your second week is all about on-the-job learning. By shadowing your experienced colleagues, you will gain a deeper understanding of your role, as well as getting to know our products, services and customers.

Our ‘Field Day’ gives you the opportunity to spend a day with our Field Trainer/Technicians, learning how we interact with customers in their premises, and how we provide an excellent service for them.

We believe learning doesn’t need to be boring, so we’ve incorporated some game-based training sessions too – our ‘Enhancing Customer Experience’ board game is a firm favourite with our new team members!


Sales Training

Our Sales Training Programme gives you two weeks of thorough induction to help you feel confident selling to our customers. You’ll work closely with professional trainers, gaining first-hand experience of our products and services so you understand exactly why our customers choose us to protect them.

Week 1

On your first day you will be welcomed onboard by your Team Leader and introduced to your team members.

You’ll spend several days in the classroom, learning all about Verisure 3.0 Sales Method and Tools from one of our expert trainers.

Towards the end of the week you’ll have your first day out in the field, shadowing your Team Leader and seeing our sales method and tools in action. This really helps bring your training to life, so you know how to apply what you’ve learnt in the classroom to real scenarios with our customers.

Week 2

The second training week will be spent working with your Team Leader, practising a specific topic each day, including: Business, Bookings, Referrals, and gaining further job shadowing experience.

At the end of this week, you’ll have your final evaluation based on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of Verisure proposition and sales method
  • Measurable factors: motivation, skills, performance
  • Cultural fit with our company
  • Uniform
  • Identification card
  • Email account
  • Access to the Sales Academy Programme
  • Tablet
  • Kit demo

Next Steps

  1. Once you’ve finished your sales training, we’ll get you to complete your contract and relevant documentation.
  2. Prior to your start date you’ll receive a confirmation email and welcome call from your Trainer to answer any questions you have and help you feel confident for your first day.
  3. We make sure you have all the equipment you need to excel in your role. When you start we’ll provide you with:
  • Uniform Identification card
  • Email account
  • Access to the Sales Academy Programme
  • Tablet
  • Kit demo